Market research

Don’t be afraid to ask! It’s common knowledge that business decisions based on the wrong assumptions or unproven theories can lead to costly mistakes. Therefore, especially in case of the gaming industry which is prone to rapid changes, and when it comes to dealing with players themselves, we recommend planning and conducting market research, which will minimize the risk of errors!

In addition to the recurring projects of Polish Gamers Research and Polish Gamers Research KIDS, together with the Polish Gamers Observatory initiative, we have been carrying out nationwide market research related to video games since 2014, helping our clients make the right business decisions!

Industry reports

We are proud to offer two unique reports, Polish Gamers 2022 and Polish Gamers KIDS 2022 – prepared by a team of experts in close cooperation with the Polish Gamers Observatory initiative, these reports are two of the most comprehensive bodies of knowledge about Polish gamers aged 9-15 and 15-65.

Just select the age group you’re interested in and learn the essentials on the substantive scope of each of these reports.

Raport Polish Gamers 2022 (DEMO)

Raport Polish Gamers KIDS 2022 (DEMO)

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